Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hellenism must established International Congress

Throughout history, Governments-in-exile have been created as a response to occupation, civil war, or when the legitimacy of a government in power comes under fire. The question before the Greek people today is has Greece come to such a point, where the creation of an International Congress of Hellenism must be established to serve as a Government-in-Exile for the Greek Nation. Does the Papademos Government still serve the interests of the people or has the time come to establish such an entity, so as to ensure our nation’s survival? The answer is yes.

The current Government, or as it should be identified as the Troika Occupation Government, is the accumulation of several treasonous acts by the previous Papandreou Government.  The rise of this Occupational Government began in 2010, with the signing of the unconstitutional International Loan Agreements, waiving Greek Sovereign Immunity and ushering in the age of austerity.  The next significant step in its establishment came in 2011 with the appointment of the current puppet government under Lucas Papademos, former vice-president of the European Central Bank, Economic advisor to George Papandreou, and member of the Trilateral Commission.

Greece, as a sovereign nation is dead. The policies of the Papademos Government clearly never served the interests of the Greek people and have instead pushed the country towards economic slavery. Even worse, this Troika appointed government is now tampering with Greece’s foreign policy, by inviting the Prime Minister of Skopje to discuss finding a ‘mutually acceptable solution’ to the ongoing Name Dispute. The undemocratically elected government of Papademos has no authority to resolve the ongoing conflict between Greece and Skopje or meddle in any way with Greece’s foreign policy, especially amidst the current economic crisis. If this month has taught Greeks anything, it is that their democratic rights have been fully taken away from them. Now more than ever a Government-in-Exile must be established.

The International Congress of Hellenism should be made up of delegates from throughout the Diaspora and the Motherland, specifically the Indignant Citizens Movement of Greece and the various regional associations of the Diaspora such as the Pan-Macedonian Association, Pan-Epirotic Federation, Pan-Pontian Federation and so on. Why, you may ask, should this Government-in-Exile include representatives of the Greek Diaspora? Well the answer is simple all Greeks inside the Motherland and throughout the Diaspora have a stake in the survival of the Greek State. The main focus of this Government-in-Exile should be the adoption of a New Greek Constitution, the creation of a debt audit commission to find the current National debt to be odious, and the pursuit of International Recognition.  Drastic times call for drastic measures and these are certainly troubling times for all of Hellenism.