Enotismos is a sociopolitical movement seeking redemption for the indigenous Pelasgian people of the Eastern Mediterranean, which favors the formation of a Hellenocracy, in the form of a Federation of Autonomous States, known as ‘Pelasgia’, united through Hellenism, e.g. Hellenic Philosophy, Education, and Language. It views the world today as a struggle between the Ethnos and the Corporation, which has divided the world into Historical or Genuine Nations and Artificial Nations. Its purpose is to end the oppression, enslavement, manipulation and exploitation of Genuine Nations by foreign elements within their own historical homelands in hopes of creating a society based on Autonomia (Self-Determination), Autarkeia (Economic Freedom), Autoteleia (Self-Sufficiency), and Autexouseia (Self-Governance) by promoting the interests of historical regions within a Genuine Nation.

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