Monday, May 27, 2013

The Crusade to save Greece

Since the crisis began, I’ve heard many Greeks and Greek-Americans talk about the notion of ‘saving’ Greece. At every turn, whether it is on Greek Television or in conversations amongst friends, we are bombarded with this idealistic campaign for “national unity” during these difficult times in order to help prevent economic collapse.  In the Diaspora, they talk of investing in the motherland, raising aid for those in need, and boosting tourism.  However, just what is it, exactly, that we are supposed to be saving?

Let us more closely examine this noble idea of “saving” the country of Greece.  An easy to understand definition of a country would be a distinct political entity with independent legal jurisdiction within its sovereign borders. If we are “saving Greece”, are we, therefore, working to save its sovereignty as an independent nation-state? Sovereignty and legal jurisdiction, which the last time, I checked, no longer existed. If it is not this, then I must ask, are we part of a crusade to save its political system? A system, I may add, which has failed the average Greek, and only benefited a small corrupt oligarchy that has ruled over Greece for generations. Perhaps, it is the theocratic society we are supposed to be saving. The same society, which has abandoned and alienated ethnic Greeks from the Greek ethnos for not willing participating in spiritual enslavement at the hands of a multi-national corporation known as The Greek Orthodox Church. Or just maybe, it is the Greek mentality at the heart of our campaign, a mentality which has been polluted by foreign ideologies and has stripped Greeks of their Hellenic ideas and traditions.

 So I ask again, “just what are we saving?” Greece is bankrupted, in more ways than one. Its politicians are sellouts, corrupt rhetoric peddlers and opportunists that have plundered the country of its wealth. Its sovereignty and legal jurisdiction are lost, since the signing of the unconstitutional International loan agreement by the government of George Papandreou. And its political, social and theocratic elite continue to skate by untouched by austerity, while the Greek people continue to suffer and pay for the crimes of those untouched.

Inside Greece, they use us as pawns. Blinded by some outdated and irrelevant ideological struggle between left and right, we are kept distracted from what is happening right under our nose. In the Diaspora, they pray on our innocence and love of our ancestral homeland. Unaware that our efforts are not saving the ideals we believe they are.

We all like to take comfort in patriotic phrases like “Greece never dies”, but the shell that is Greece has died. It is Hellenism that never dies. The sooner we come to realize that Greece has already fallen, the better. For, at that time we can finally participate in the conversation with the right perspective. That is, we mustn’t be discussing how to save Greece, but rather how to liberate it. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can move forward with reshaping Greece and its economy. Greece is under occupation. Politically, economically, even socially, and it will take a revolution on all fronts to truly “save” Greece.